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Can I edit my Rise challenge after it starts?



Participant Scoring

Organizers can edit their participants' scores at any time and regardless of the event status (whether it's an existing challenge or past challenge). Organizers can also add scores to any tasks that were not completed by a participant during a challenge.


Here's how:

1. Head to Dashboard > Insights

2. Enter the name of the participant in the search bar or find their name from list

3. Click the athlete's name

4. From the participant module, hover over the task score you want to edit or add 

5. Select the 'pencil' icon 

6. Enter the new score > Select the check mark to save!



This feature also tracks any changes that were made to a participant's score that can be viewed by the organizer only. This is a great tool for the organizer to audit the activity of changes that were made to scores.


From the participant module, simply select the Activity Log tab to to view all the edits that were made by either this participant or the organizer himself for the duration of the challenge.





TIP: You can also edit the score directly from the dashboard!



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