Why can't my participants sign up for my challenge?


If you have completed all of your basic details for your challenge, but your event page doesn't have a link to register, it is likely because you have an event with a ticket price, but haven't yet configured how Wodify is going to pay you once you charge for your tickets!


Here's how you can fix this issue:

  • Login to http://app.wodifyrise.com with your organizer login
  • Click Edit next to your challenge
  • Select Payment Settings from the left menu
  • Click "Receiving Payouts"
  • This next step depends on a few factors:
    • If you are a Wodify Core customer using Wodify Payments: Click "Login as Wodify core admin..":Rise_-_Payment_Settings_2018-01-24_13-56-41.png
    • If you are a Wodify Core Customer using goEmerchant OR not a Wodify Core Customer: Click "Add Wodify Payment Account:
  • Now you can go to your event registration page. You should see that there is a link to REGISTER for your challenge. 


Other Notes:

  • Wodify Payment Accounts are only available to customers located in the United States at this time.
  • You only need to configure Receiving Payouts if you are charging for your challenge