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Canceling Your Event


The following article will help you ensure an easy cancellation of your Rise, Arena, or Live event, and help you communicate the cancellation to your participants. 


In this article, we will cover:


Emailing your Participants

It is important to let your participants know as soon as possible that you are canceling your event. You can follow these steps to mass email them:

  1. Select Dashboard (or Revenue Dashboard in Wodify Rise)
  2. Check off the Bulk Actions check box
  3. Select Bulk Actions
  4. Send Email - Note if you are expecting replies please include a return email in the body of your email as the email will come from a no reply address.  mass email 1 .png


Refunding your Participants

If you have paid tickets for your event, you will need to refund participants. Keep in mind that any ticket fees that have already been paid out to you can not be refunded through Wodify; these refunds will have to be handled outside of our system. 


You can follow these steps to cancel the ticket, which will automatically process a refund if it has not already been paid out to you:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Ticket Sales
  2. Click View Ticket (hover over the participant's name, and click on the eyeball icon)
  3. refund1.png
  4. Click Cancel Ticketrefund2.png


Preventing Future Event Sign Ups

It is also essential to prevent any future sign ups for your event. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Basic Details > Overview
  2. Scramble your Competition URL to ensure any previous marketing no longer guides new participants the signup page and click Save
  3. rise22.png
  4. Go to Basic Details > Tickets 
  5. Adjust the End Date for any available tickets to today's date and click Save, to cut off ticket sales immediately
  6. tickets1.png


If you need any additional assistance with canceling your event feel free to reach out to us at


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