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Suggested Task Template: Progress Pictures


We’ve created a few tasks to kickstart your own challenge. You can activate them and customize them to your own needs. If you need other tasks, just create a new one.

Task: Progress Pictures

This task is bootstrapped because we know that the single most important factor to success in the fitness and nutrition industry is providing tools for your clients to make progress.

We know that most people shy away from taking progress photos, but it is very important to understand that while they might not see drastic changes between two sets of photos, after viewing them as a collage at the end of the challenge, they’ll have evidence to prove how well they did.

1. Basic Details: This template is set up as a weekly task to be completed on each Saturday throughout the challenge and is scored on a pass or fail 5 point scale. 


2. Guides & Content

Participants engagement will increase if you give them guidance on how to successfully complete a task, like best practices, meal plans or workout libraries.

The guide we provide focuses on the importance of tracking progress through pictures. Feel free to edit as necessary and make it your own!


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