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Suggested Task Template: Be active for 10 minutes

We’ve created a few tasks to kickstart your own challenge. You can activate them and customize them to your own needs. If you need other tasks, just create a new one.
Task: Be active for 10 minutes
This task is designed to encourage your participants to be active for at least 10 minutes every day. Whether it’s a superset of push-ups or a walk outside, any exercise is better than no exercise. That’s why getting up and moving around is a big component of our lifestyle challenge.
  1. Basic Setup: Unlike the other bootstrapped tasks, this is set up as a 'Simple Task' which gives you the ability to adjust the Task Name - so that it is flexible if you wanted to make it15 minutes instead.

    This task is also set up repeat daily throughout the duration of the challenge and the scoring is a Pass or Fail option for 5 points. 

  2. Guides & Content: You'll want to include guides and other resources to help participants throughout the challenge. Those can be anything from videos to pdf’s, self-made content or links to insightful blog posts.

    For this bootstrapped task, our Guide hits on the necessity to just be active daily and provides a PDF with a series of workouts that they will have access to in the mobile app and can use anytime. 





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