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Suggested Task Template: Food Journal

We’ve created a few tasks to kickstart your own challenge. You can activate them and customize them to your own needs. If you need other tasks, just create a new one.
Food Journal: This task is designed to ensure your challengers eat nutritious, healthy foods, from your food list. Each challenger will be required to enter their food intake throughout the day, with the option to upload photos for their dishes, or to type it out manually.
1. Basic Setup: The Food Journal defaults to a Daily interval task that will last the duration of your challenge, but you can edit this by changing the 'Repeats' drown and selecting from the available options, or adjusting the date range that the task will be required.


Scoring for this task is set up as a variable point scale. Which you'll have the ability to customize up to three options. Our default task is designed for a challenge in which you just want people to eat healthier, understanding that there may be some mistakes made along the way. So, we have the following variable point scale for your to work off of:

Rise_-_Food_Journal.png2. Guides & Content

Participants engagement will increase if you give them guidance on how to successfully complete a task, like best practices, meal plans or workout libraries.


Check out the Wodify Rise Food List we have bootstrapped and use it for your challenge if you'd like! 

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