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Suggested Task Template: Measurement

We’ve created a few tasks to kickstart your own challenge. You can activate them and customize them to your own needs. If you need other tasks, just create a new one.
Task: Measurement
This task is bootstrapped because we know that the single most important factor to success in the fitness and nutrition industry is providing tools for your clients to make progress. You can’t improve what you don’t track.
That’s why a key part of our challenge is keeping tabs on your body metrics. Each week, commit to measuring your body weight, fat percentage, and measurements. This is a fantastic way to track the changes in your body while improving your health and fitness. 

1. Basic Setup: The basic setup for the bootstrapped measurement task is a bit different and can be used as it comes in the App Template, or you can use the template as the framework for your own customization. 

Our bootstrapped version only asks for the Weight measurement to be completed each week on Saturday, but you can change this to include any of the measurements shown below, or make it a more frequent requirement.

The Scoring is fixed at 5 points, pass or fail, but like any of our tasks- this can be customized as well! 


2. Guides & Content: Participants engagement will increase if you give them guidance on how to successfully complete a task, like best practices, meal plans or workout libraries.

For the bootstrapped Measurement task template, we've stressed the importance keeping track of measurements so that participants can understand the progress they are making. We've also included a guide on taking measurements in the Files section.




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