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How do I set up the basic details of my challenge?


Setting up the basic details of your challenge is the first step to getting your public page up and running

Name: Give your challenge a unique name. The custom URL will default to your event name, but you will have the ability to edit if you choose. 

Start Date and Duration: Set the start date and duration of the challenge. Either choose from the bootstrapped duration provided or set a custom date range.

Description: Use the challenge description to communicate the purpose of your challenge and any important details that participants need to know.

Key things to mention: any benchmarks and requirements to enter, what to expect throughout the challenge, guides, and rewards.

+ FAQs: Click on the link to open an optional field to add any frequently asked questions that you may incur during the challenge. 

Cover Image: Drag and drop your challenge cover image, or select one from your files. You will then be able to scale the picture and preview how it will look on your public event page. 

Hashtags: Add any hashtags for marketing purposes and for your challengers to use on social media 

Challenge URL: Your event name will be the default URL, but you can edit it as necessary. The URL you choose will end in, ex. Once you've entered your URL, the system will verify that it has not been used and will give you a message whether or not it is accepted. 

Once you've set up the basic details of your challenge, you are ready to set up your Organizer Details. 



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