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How do I set up tasks for my challenge?


During your challenge, you can create different tasks for your participants. They will win points for each task they complete.

For a more comprehensive challenge, try mixing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle tasks. 
Your participants will be improving their lives in no time.

We’ve created a few tasks to kickstart your own challenge. You can activate them and customize them to your own needs. To enable this bootstrapped tasks, just toggle the switch the to right! If you need other tasks, just click '+ Add New Task'.


To customize any of the bootstrapped tasks, click the pencil icon to the right of the row. 


Or you can add your own new task by clicking the + Add New task, both selections will take you to the task template screen where you can setup:

Step 1: Basic Setup

  • App Template: Select from one our templates to edit, or select Simple Task to create your own
  • Task Name: Name your custom task
  • App Prompt: For your custom tasks, you can create a prompt that will pop show on the challengers' mobile app reminding them to complete their task at the required intervals.
  • Icon: Choose from our bootstrapped images
  • Cover Image: To be displayed on the mobile app
  • Set an Interval: Here you will decide the frequency of which your participants are required to complete this task and during what period of the challenge it will apply. 
    • IE. If your challenge requires that a Food Journal is completed daily during the entire 2-month challenge duration, you will set it up as follows.
    • If you are setting up a custom weekly lifestyle task (from the '+ Add New Task' option) that differs from week to week, in which the first week requires challengers to meditate daily, you will set it up as follows:
  • Scoring: By default, participants get points for completing a task. For a more competitive leaderboard, you can use a variable point scale, where points are awarded according to how well the participant did in that task.
    • First Set the total points to be gained for completion and select whether it is a pass or fail, or a variable point system that allows for different levels of achievement.
    • If it is a variable point system, you can add up to three levels of points. 
    • For example, the bootstrapped Food Journal comes with three levels of points, as shown below.

    • You will soon have the ability to select who scores the task, but currently, it is only available for the participant to score on an honor system. 
    • Review the 'In Summary' to ensure your task is set up to you're liking and if so, click 'Save & Go To Guides' to move on to step 2 of the task creation.

Step 2: Guides & Content
Include guides and other resources to help participants throughout the challenge. Those can be anything from videos to pdf’s, self-made content or links to insightful blog posts.


Click 'Save Task' and you are all set to add another! 

Once all of your tasks are created, your challenge is set to begin. 


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